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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

RM - The Killers - All These Things That I've Done Deconstruction

Band: The Killers
Song: All These Things I've Done
Genre: Indie Rock
Director: Alexander Hemming & Kristy Gunn
Audience: Primary audience: 15-24
               Secondary audience: Fans of 80s music as the band take inspiration from that decade.
Year Released: 2004

The Killer’s “All These Things I’ve Done” is performance based which features the band walking around the streets of London followed by fans and live footage filmed at a concert held at London Astoria. Both these two different types of performance footage are linked into each other. However the majority of the footage is taken with the band walking around the streets of London.

Opening shot of the video
The first shot the audience views is a group shot of the band walking down the street, due to this being their third single from their debut album it is likely the band are introducing themselves to the audience. This is quickly followed by a point of view shot looking down the street, which is then followed to shot to shots of the band and the concert held in London Astoria.

Brandon Flowers greeting fans
After the lyrics start the band are greeted by fans and are followed throughout the video. This could signify that the band has “made it” thus is anchored by their previous singles “Somebody Told Me” and “Mr. Brightside” reaching 3rd and 10th respectfully in the charts. The shots used for the street shots mainly consist of medium shots, to allow the audience to view how many followers the band has, as well as close-ups of the band and members of the public. Most of the close-ups that feature band members consist of Brandon Flowers, the lead vocalist, whom lip-syncs through the video. These are two examples of common conventions of a music video, that the lead singer lip-syncs and gets the most attention in a band. As well as this at 2.12 four gospel singers appear in the crowd surrounding the band singing the chorus “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a solider” behind the band remain their fans whom also sing the chorus.

Gospel singers singing with The Killers
The shots taken from the concert consist of two types. The first type is before The Killers appear on stage which the majority consist of close-ups to show emotions of some of the fans faces. The second type is after The Killers have appeared on stage which consists of long shots of the crowd showing the audience the entire emotion of the crowd as well as some certain fans, which are close-ups.

This song also has another video, directed by Anton Corbijn. Click here to view it.

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