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Friday, 12 August 2011

RM - Paramore - Ignorance Deconstruction

Band: Paramore
Song: Ignorance
Genre: Pop Punk
Director: Honey (According to wikipedia)
Audience: 15 - 24
Year Released: 2009

Paramore’s “Ignorance” music video is a performance based but has elements that are concept based.

Opening shot with the entire band playing in a closet
During the performance element of the music video the majority of shots used are close-ups and medium shots that either features one member of the band or a couple (normally two or three) but hardly the entire band. However the entire band is in several shots but which are only long shots. As well as this is timing of the each shot quickens or slows down depending of the tempo as well as the time in the music video. For example during the chorus the shots change much quicker compared to the rest of the song. As well as this there are effects used during the chorus’ including fade ins and fade outs which have been shortened. This makes allows several shots to be on screen at one time. The shots used during this period of the music video form a shot-to-shot as there are only two shots used which are repeated. This signifies that this song is part of the rock genre.
A common convention used in this music video is that the lead vocalist, Hayley Williams, is in main focus. Throughout the music video Hayley Williams is using a light bulb as a microphone and pointing it at members of the band. When this happens the band member is lightened up this is trying to take the focus of the vocalist and onto the lightened band member. A possible reason for this is that people thought Paramore where just about Hayley Williams and not the entire band, this is one reason the Farro brothers (who played guitar and drums) left the band, and by doing this video it shows each band member has an equal part in the band. Another way this is anchored is at the end of the video, with the other band members tying up Williams and leaving her signifying that she is the main focus of the band. This is also repeated in another of Paramore’s “Playing God” however it is Williams that has tied up the other band members.

Throughout the video the setting changes between a cramped closet and the band being on stage. Whilst the band are playing on stage to the audience there doesn’t seem to be a problem however during the shots in the closet the performance doesn’t seem to be like it was on stage. There are also shots of Williams in a full white outfit surrounded by mirrors.

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