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Friday, 10 February 2012

All - Feedback from 3rd Sample Scene

On Friday we received feedback for our third sample scene. The feedback received included:

• No Swearing. This is apparent in the diegetic intro to solve this problem we "beeped" out the sound but we still need to either edit these explicates out or have to re-shoot this scene again.
• Also in the diegetic intro there are a couple of shaky shots which need to be resolved.
• As we filmed with two different cameras there are some widescreen shots and full screen shots that need to be changes. We will be trying to resolve these issues the next time we edit these clips.
• Mise-en-scene also has issues with the performance as some shots contain houses in the background. Thus means these shots won't be used or we will have to re-shoot the performance again.
• Also a couple of shots go on for too long so we will need to change the length of these. The most apparent one is the first shot.
• Also the need to gain of a few shots has been suggested, thus including shots of torch light panning along the floor.
• Reduce the amount of fade ins and outs used at the beginning. To solve this we could cut between the band members picking up their instruments to seeing them as part of the narrative aspect.
• Another suggestion is that we shouldn't launch straight into the performance as we have. Particularly into the vocals.
• It has also been recommended that we bring in the monster sooner and have more emphasis on it as well as having hints to what it could possibly be. As well as anchorage on the moors.
• As well as this the narrative aspect has to be more dominant. At the current stage the performance aspect is more dominant so this needs to be changed.

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