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Monday, 24 October 2011

RM - Parkway Drive's "Breaking Point" in Cyberspace

On media sharing sites such as youtube there are a range of covers of Parkway Drive's "Breaking Point". If you search for "Parkway Drive Breaking Point Cover" into the youtube search engine there are currently 335 videos. However on the first page there are the track (performed by Parkway Drive) and a live version of the song. As you would expect most of these covers would either feature someone playing either bass or guitar however there is the odd exception of drum covers. As well as this there are no covers of this song done by artists.

Here is one example of a drum cover, found on youtube. The video has (at the date and time of this post) 14,023 views. The video was uploaded in November 2009.

Here is an example of a guitar cover, again found on youtube. This video currently has 53,002 views. The video was uploaded in November 2008.

There is also an instrumental cover of the song which has been done completely by the owner. The owner has helpfully put the gear for the audio and recording equipment in the description of the video. The video currently has 1,414 views.

There are also live recordings of the song being played by the initial band (Parkway Drive) whilst at festivals or gigs:

Here is a live recording of "Breaking Point" at their gig in Gothenburg. This video has 23,909 views. This appears to be the only live recording of this song on youtube at the moment.

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