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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

RM - Research into Muse

Muse's Logo
Muse are an alternative rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The band features Matthew Bellamy (lead vocalists and guitar), Christopher Wolstenholme (Bassist and backing vocals) and Dominic Howard (drums). The band are well known as being one (if not the) best live act in the world today. The band has released five studio albums to date and is currently in the studio writing their next album. The albums that have been released so far are Showbiz (1999), Origin Of Symmetry (2001), Absolution (2003), Black Holes and Revelations (2006) and The Resistance (2009). During September and October Muse have been in the studio writing music for their new album. The band's new album is rumored to be released in May of next year (2012). As well as this the band are rumored to be headlining Reading and Leeds Festival next year (2012) despite headlining the festival this year (2011).  The band have also released two live CDs which are Hullabaloo (2002), H.A.R.R.P (2007), this also comes with a live DVD. As well as this the band have also released two other live DVDs which are Hullabaloo (2002), unlike the H.A.R.R.P  CD + DVD combination both the CD and DVD are sold individually, and Absolution Tour (2004).
From left to right:
Christopher Wolstenholme,
Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard

Showbiz Album Cover

 Showbiz was Muse's debut album, released in 1999.
The band released five singles from this album: “Uno”, “Cave”, “Muscle Museum”, “Sunburn” and “Unintended”.

Origin Of Symmetry Album Cover
Origin Of Symmetry
Origin of Symmetry was Muse’s second album, released in 2001. They were to release four singles from this album: “Plug in Baby”, “New Born”, “Bliss” and “Hyper Music /Feeling Good

As part of the “Origin of Symmetry” Tour Muse recorded two live performances at Le Zenith, Paris. These two live shows were called Hullabaloo. For these special shows Muse recorded and released two singles entitled “Dead Star” and “In Your World”.

In August 2011 at Reading and Leeds Festival, Muse played the whole album in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. This is the first time the band has played one of their albums in its entirety. For this special occasion the stage was designed like the album cover (pictured to the right).

Absolution Album Cover
AbsolutionThe third  album Muse released was Absolution, released in 2003. Six singles were released from this album: “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Time is Running Out”, “Hysteria”, “Sing for Absolution”, “Apocalypse Please” and “Butterflies and Hurricanes

To date “Falling Away With You” is the only song on this album Muse haven’t played live.

Black Holes and Revelations
Album Cover
Black Holes and Revelations
Muse’s fourth album was Black Holes and Revelations, released in 2006. This had five singles to accompany it these are “Supermassive Black Hole”, “Starlight”, “Knights of Cydonia”, “Invincible” and “Map of the Problematique”. However “Map of the Problematique” was only available through digital download.

The Resistance Album Cover
The Resistance
The Resistance was Muse’s fifth album, released in 2009. There were three singles released from this album, these were: “Uprising”, “Undisclosed Desires” and “The Resistance”.

Since the release of The Resistance, Muse have released a song called “Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)”, which was recorded especially for a film in the popular Twilight Saga, “Eclipse”. This was the third Muse song to feature during “The Twilight Saga” with the other two being “Supermassive Black Hole”, which featured in “Twilight”, and “I Belong To You”, which featured in “New Moon”.

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