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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

RM - Motionless in White Research

Motionless in White are an American metal-core band, formed in 2005. The band is associated for its dark horror-themed lyrics and physical appearances. The band currently have only one studio album released to date entitled Creatures (2010) and two EPs entitled The Whorror (2007) and When Love Met Destruction (2009). Motionless in White currently have five members Joshua Balz (Keyboards and Piano), Christopher Cerulli (Vocals), Angelo Parente (Drums), Ryan Sitkowski (Lead Guitar) and Richard Olson (Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals). The band are also easy to follow as they have their own youtube, twitter, facebook and Pandora* accounts.

In 2005 Motionless in White was founded by members Chris Cerulli and Angelo Parente, during high school. At the time, being influenced by alternative rock, emo and post-hardcore bands. Cerulli and Parente invited several friends to join the band before deciding on the band name as well as the genre which was a more heavy metal sound, and a metalcore musical style. This was highly influenced by gothic and industrial metal bands.

The band's debut album "When Love Met Destruction", artwork pictured to the left, had been fully recorded in 2008 and had been played to be released the same year. The album never reached an official release. However all of its songs did leak online. During this time the band changed record labels several times from Masquerade Recordings to Tragic Hero Records and then Fearless Records. At this point, Motionless in White then made the decision to re-record six of the eleven tracks that were supposed to make up When Love Met Destruction, however this was to be released as an EP instead of an album.

In 2009 bassist Frank Polumbo left the Motionless in White due to growing disinterest in the band's style of music. In October, later that year, Rick Olson replaced Polumbo. In May 2010 the band recorded their debut album, Creatures. Creatures was released on October 12, 2010. The artwork is pictured to the right.

In May 2011, rhythm guitarist, Thomas Joseph Bell left the band. Olson then switched his position in the band to playing rhythm guitar and Devin Sola. At the time of this post Devin Sola is only filling in as the bassist for the bands latest tour however he has featured in two of their music videos "Creatures" and "Puppets".



*Pandora is only avaliable in the US due to licensing constraints.
Motionless in White's Website

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