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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

RM - Meshuggah - Rational Gaze Deconstruction

Artist: Meshuggah
Song: Rational Gaze
Genre: Metalcore
Year Released: 2002

Meshuggah’s “Rational Gaze” is completely performance based and includes special effects through the entire music video.

Throughout the music video the band are performing in a warehouse, with the majority of focus on the lead vocalist however the focus does change throughout the video to include the other band members. What is unusually about this music video is that the band hardly appears on screen at the same time, there is a very small amount of two and group shots therefore meaning that the majority of shots just include either one person or instrument.

Throughout the entire video there are a number of special effects used. The majority of these effects are used for the entire video. There are several examples of these which include: the entire video has got a blue tint or shade, probably done whilst editing using colour correct. Another two examples are multi-layering and blurring, again both would of have been created using an editing program such as Final Cut. Another tool used in this process was the garbage matte and chroma key this allows the background, usually a green screen, to be edited out and allows the background the editor and director wants. This has been used most often whilst focusing on the vocalist. There are several other examples of special effects used are the speeding up of shots and a dark blue circular ring have been added whilst band members are either jumping, running and falling backward, a reference to the Matrix.

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