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Sunday, 27 November 2011

RM - Research into The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada are an American metalcore band. Formed in 2005 the band's orginal line up and current line up consists of: James Baney (Keyboards), Jeremy DePoyster (Rhythm Guitar), Mike Hranica (Lead Vocals), Chris Rubey (Lead Guitar), Andy Trick (Bass) and Daniel Williams (Drums). To date the band have released four studio albums. These four albums are entitled: Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, Plagues, With Roots Above and Branches Below, and Dead Throne.

Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord

Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord was the debut album by the band Devil Wears Prada. Released in 2006 it includes re-recorded versions of all the tracks of their demo, Patterns of a Horizon. The album has eleven songs on . The only single from the album was "Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over". The entire album length is 40 minutes.

Original cover
Re-released cover
Plagues was the band's second studio album, released in 2007. The album was re-released in 2008 which includes bonus content. This bonus content includes an alternative cover, booklet art, and a DVD which features footage from Ultimatour and Warped Tour (both in 2008). The DVD also contains music videos for both singles. The two singles released from the album were "Hey John, What's Your Name Again?" and "HTML Rulez D00d".

These are the music videos which accompany the singles.

Hey John, What's Your Name Again?

HTML Rulez D00d

 With Roots Above and Branches Below

With Roots Above and Branches Below was the band's third album, released in 2009. It is considered their breakthrough album after selling 31,000 in its first week in America alone. It also recived high praise by many critics. The album had two singles on it which were "Danger: Wildman" and "Assistant to the Regional Manager". There were eleven tracks on the album, thus giving a total length of 40mins.

These are the music videos which accompany the singles:

Danger: Wildman

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Dead Throne

Dead Throne is the band's latest album, released in 2011, the album sold 32,000 copies in the first week, again in America alone. The album features an absence of clean vocal passages on certain songs, the first time since Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord - the band's debut album. The album has one single "Born To Lose" and and upcoming single called "R.I.T". The album features thirteen songs with the album having a length of 41 minutes.

The videos for each single follows:

Born To Lose

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