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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

RM - Motionless In White - Ghost In The Mirror Deconstruction

Artist: Motionless In White
Song: Ghost In The Mirror
Genre: Metalcore

Audience: 15 - 24
Year Released: 2009

Motionless In White's "Ghost In The Mirror" is a performance based music video. Several different locations have been used in the music video. There is a, medium sized, room where most of the performance aspect is taken place. In this room there are three windows behind the band which look like stain-glass which can be found in a church signifying religion. The other location used is a corridor scene. Whilst the band are in the medium sized room focus is upon the two vocalists (lead and backing) compared to the rest of the band, but in their own time they do receive focus. However the lead vocalist gets more attention compared to the backing vocalist, these being common conventions in music videos. For in the corridor scene whomever is in there is receiving the focus as there is only one person in there at a time, normally it’s the lead guitarist and vocalist.

Unlike other videos I've looked at (in particular Messugah's Rational Gaze) this video contains a greater variation of shots which includes the band, master shot, and appears to be a key convention in the video. There is also a large amount of shots used in this video to create a high shot variety as well as a fast editing. Both of these, high variation of shots and quick editing, being common conventions in music videos.

Some shots have been shortened down to less than a second and repeated, creating a shot-to-shot. This appears to the human eye that multi-layering might be in use but in fact it isn't. This is best shown at 1:45 to 1:46. The two shots used can be found below, these are also in order from left to right.

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