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Sunday, 4 December 2011

RM - Postmodernism and Intertextuality

The concept of "Postmodernism" argues there is no reality. The audience views everything in the world through symbols which represent more symbols. It has emphasis on the role of language and motivates ideas and beliefs. In particular the theory attacks the use of classifications and stereotypes including male versus female, straight versus gay, and white versus black. Postmodernism has had influences on many different fields including: religion, sociology, architecture, history, visual arts, and music.

This applies to our music video through the preferred reading as we are trying to portray a beast attacking the band members, which then become in a state of limbo thus being signified by the use of fake blood and guts. We will provide anchorage of point of view shots from the beast by using special effects (i.e. changing the colours of the shot). Also present in our music video are the use of stereotypes which oppose this concept.

The concept of "Interxtuality" is where an author of a peice of text either makes reference or uses part of another piece of text. This has been done across all media platforms from film and television to books. An example of this is in Kasabian's music video for the single "Re-Wired" which contains Noel Fielding who plays Vlad The Impaler. Fielding plays Vlad The Impaler in two separate music videos which are both for the song "Vlad The Impaler". As well as this the is also reference to one of the band's B-sides "Julie & the Moth Man"

Here is Kasabian's "Re-Wired" music video:

Here are both of the singles for "Vlad the Impaler":

Wikipedia - Postmodernism, Intertextuality

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