Welcome to my A2 Media Studies Blog. The brief is: to produce a music video, a digipak cover, and magazine advert for the digipak. Throughout the course we will be learning about conventions (general and genre specific) used for each of these products.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

RM - Evaluation Question 3

This is my third evaluation question for the A2 Coursework project. The evaluation question was: 

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

In this video I will be discussing what we have learnt from our feedback from our target audience as well as audience received from individuals not necessarily in our target audience. I will also be discussing the ways we obtained feedback as well as how we used feedback to change aspects of all three products: the music video, the magazine advert (for the digipak) and the digipak, during the editing procedures.

Since recording these evaluation questions we have added a additional aspects and slightly changed certain aspects to the digipak. To view these changes click here.

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