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Monday, 14 November 2011

RM/SB - Casting

As the band members of Sunburnt in December will be the only cast members required for the muic video of their single "Like A Match To An Arsonist" there is no need to cast anyone. We decided to use the band members as we felt it was easier just to have the band as the cast due to practical purposes and for direction it was easier to control a smaller number of people. The members of the band fit in with the typical audience of the genre young males, this is also a convention of metalcore bands the members are made up of young males between the age of 15-24.

Sunburnt In December (from left to right)
Mitch Cundale, Elliot Drew, Sam Boyes, Jem Whitehead
 and Conor O'Loughlin
The costume the band will be wearing is planned clothes either white or black shirt, depending on the role of the band member. We have decided the band member in be the only member wearing a white t-shirt thus singling him out. The band members will also be wearing trainers during the shoots. This would lead to less continuity errors with costume but also reflects into the conventions of the genre. During the narrative aspect of the music video the band members will be weaing casual cloths as well as these plain t-shirts. Whereas for the performance the band members will be dressed in these black or white t-shirts with the same trousers as the narrative. During the performance each band member will be covered in fake blood to signify that he is now in a state of limbo.

Sadly on the performance shoot Jem couldn't make it so we asked James Newton to step into help us.
Above you can see the band in non-metalcore clothes whereas below you can compare it to how the band looked in the outfits we decided to use for the music video.

Here is a demo of their single:

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