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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

SB - Talking To Actors

We've talked to the actors who are going to be in the music video which consists of the band.
From Left to Right: Mitch, Elliot, Sam, Jem, Conor
Sam - Vocals
Conor - Drums
Jem - Bass
Mitch - Guitar
Elliot - Guitar

We've talked to them about costume, and how we will be buying the costume. We've all decided it would be easier if we wore plains clothes on the shoot. White/black t-shirts this would mean we're more likely to have less continuity errors based around costume. We also discussed the idea with them and got positive feedback paired with minor criticisms which we've considered and changed our idea around e.g Jem driving a van on the moor... We discussed location as well and decided that the twelve apostles maybe a tad bit to far to walk with equipment for the performance but we decided on a location close to the cow and calf but out of the way from the general public.

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