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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

CO/All - Progress so far

Here is a rough list of what we've done so far for the A2Vid2012 music video course, such as research, casting and more, and also a short list of what else we have to achieve before the February deadline.


What Sublime Transcendence has done already 

  • Research into the history of metalcore
  • A few podcasts with more planned
  • Location scouting is complete and we have a few ideas on where we want to shoot now
  • Influences for our video, such as certain techniques that have been using 
  • Certain codes and conventions of metalcore
  • Camera angles to use
  • Research into the bands of the genre 
  • Brief research of diectors, e.g Adam Powell
  • Influences from films, such as American Werewolf in London
  • Behind the scenes of recording the song
  • Sample scene
  • Animatic 
  • Cast Members
  • Use of new media technologies, such as integration of social networking, blogging techniques and Final Cut Express to name a few
  • Logo + company name/blog

What Sublime Transcendence needs to complete

  • Organise a storyboard for all the shots we are going to take
  • A lyric sheet, with annotations and timings
  • A date on which to film the performance
  • A date on which to film the narrative 
  • Shooting both dates (we intend to shoot on separate days)
  • More vodcasts
  • More podcasts

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