Welcome to my A2 Media Studies Blog. The brief is: to produce a music video, a digipak cover, and magazine advert for the digipak. Throughout the course we will be learning about conventions (general and genre specific) used for each of these products.

Monday, 9 January 2012

RM - Digipak Deconstruction: Metallica St. Anger

Artist: Metallica
Album Title: "St. Anger''
Album Producer: Bob Rock and Metallica
Record Company: Elektra Records.
Genre: Metal
Year Released: 2003

Additional Information: Contains an extra DVD of album rehearsals.

The front of the digipak contains no text apart from just a Parental Advisory Explicit Content logo. The band's name and title for the digipak are placed on the side panel. The front panel features a orange background with a red fist which has been tired to something (but unapparent to the viewer) hitting the background creating sound waves which are signified by black colouring. This theme however is different compared to the back panel which spreads onto the first panel the viewer views when opening the digipak. The theme on the back panels is a skull with flesh visible and jagged teeth, with the gums visable, there is also one front tooth missing. The person also has long black hair and the red fist, which appears on the front cover around his neck/her neck. The inside of the digipack is dark with the only pictures behind on the first and third panels. On the first inside panel the picture is an angel which is had been tied up, this is also the same picture which is on the booklet which comes with the album. On the third panel there are
 four pictures which provide a montarge, pictured below left.

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