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Thursday, 5 January 2012

RM - A2 Digipak Deconstruction

Student: Alex Burke
Working With: Jonathan Bailey
Artists: The Doors
Song: People are Strange


Basic/Proficient - Looked at a range of of different bands in the genre - The Doors "Greatest Hits", Tim Whalen Nonet "Magnus, Distoture "Reverve", Myth and The Killers "Greatest Hits". Although a basic description explaining what each cover looks like and a brief description what common conventions are found in each digipak. Pictures are provided to allow the viewer to see what digipaks the group have deconstructed.

Appropriate material to the set task:

Excellent - On the front cover the photograph used shows the front of the hotel used as well as the cast members used for the video. There is also a sticker anchoring that the digipak is a limited edition and a bonus music video which contains the group's music video is features as well as a Greatest Hits CD. These two aspects are both common convention amongst digipaks, however normally if it isn't a cover which features the band it is normally a art designed cover. On the back panel the digipak has a track listing and websites for The Doors and the band's record company (Electra), this also includes e-mail addresses. There is also a barcode and copyright information location towards the bottom of the digipak. Again these are all common conventions for digipaks.

Editing so that the meaning is apparent to the viewer:

Proficient - The photographs which have been taken for the digipak depicts the front, an inside, and back of the location used for the music video, thus gives an insight into the music video as well as allowing the target audience to recognise it straight away if they have viewed the music video. The cast members from the production of the music video are included on the front cover which is located outside the hotel used.

Selected mise-en-scene including colour, figure, lighting, objectives and setting:

Excellent - The production the the digipak ties into the music video location as both are the same. Also an unusual, yet effective layout shows that the photographs taken have clearly been thought of before hand this is shown as the front of the digipak is the front of the hotel, inside it (the digipak), where the CD would be located, is the inside of the hotel looking upwards, and finally the back is the back of the hotel. For the inside the photograph used spans across the two panels however the middle section of the picture has been cut out to creating two sleeves this is to allow for the CD, the bonus DVD and extra material including the lyric sheet.

Used effects selectively and appropriately:

Excellent -  The text used has been influenced by one if the digipaks the group deconstructed, which was The Doors "Greatest Hits". The text used looks slightly like the one the group deconstructed, like is a common convention throughout a band's history to stick with the same name template as it is recognisable. There are also little/no effects used for this product however if used the effects wouldn't be appropriate for the set task.

In conclusion I would give this 7 marks out of ten. As the research is just a brief description of what the digipaks are and the common conventions are used.

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