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Thursday, 14 July 2011

RM - Censorship

Throughout MTVs existent the company has banned or cut several videos for several reasons. Here is a link which features videos that have been banned by MTV:


One video banned was Foo Fighters’ Low which features Dave Grohl and Jack Black entering a motel, where they wreck a motel room, cross-dress, and get drunk. Due to this content MTV banned the video.

Another music video to be banned was The Cardigans' My Favourite Game, The video provoked much controversy which sparked MTV UK to play an edited version where all the car crashes and reckless driving were taken out. Jonas Ã…kerlund attempted to meet censorship standards by producing five different edited cuts with different degrees of violence and blood. MTV rejected the video was due to it to encourage joyriding as well as car accidents. However in the US many channels played the unedited version or a slightly edited version which featured fewer crashes.

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