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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

RM - Media Day: Remaking the video for "Hit Me Baby One More Time"

For remaking the video of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" each class was slip into two and given one out of four sections. The four sections included: The Classroom, The Gym, and The Carpark and The Corridor scenes. The group I was in got the Gym scene which takes place between 2:21 to 3:52.The sequence consisted of 56 shots. However before we could film any footage we needed to deconstruct each shot and with this produce a detailed call sheet. Informing us what each shot consisted of.

At the start of the day we had to meet in our groups and practice Lip-syncing as well as a brief run through of the shots and who was going to be in each shot as well as running through the dance moves (although we did this again before we shot the sequence we were trying to film).

During the filming of the video we came across a few problems. One was that the call sheet we produced wasn't in enough detail as well as the choreographer's notes. This meant we had to watch the video before recording each shot. This wasted a lot of time. As well as this we followed the call sheet that was produced up to a point. In the sequence filmed there are two separate sections, one where Britney is sitting on a stand and the other when she is dancing. After we filmed the shots where Britney was sitting on the stand we stopped using the call sheet as much and followed how the video was presented. Another problem that was occurred was the timing which was approx one hour, which for the amount of shots needed to be taken was very difficult.

During the afternoon we had to create a vodcast and edit this as well as edit our behind the scenes footage we had been filming throughout the day.

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