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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

RM - Final Cut Notes

  • Drag objects from left side panel to one of the bottom two panels depending on video/audio format or drag object to right hand side panel/screen and highlight overwrite – puts video/audio files together.
  • Up/down arrows takes you to the start/finish of a clip
  • To select area wanted:
  • i – in point
  • o – out point
  • With the selected clip click the razor tool (bottom right) – cuts clip – then go back to the pointer tool immediately.
  • Highlight, shift then click delete (or backspace) cuts unwanted material + moves the footage to the previous footage clip.
  • Save often as possible – can auto save but best to keep saving files every few minutes
  • To create a second video clip layer drag the clip onto the time line. This replaces the first layer for viewing.
  • Highlight -> Motion control -> Then click appropriate option out of: Scale (changes size), Rotation (rotates), Canter (changes position), Crop, Distorts (changes size/width), Opacity (fades).
  • In the sequence tab you can render all or a selection
  • Effects – Video Transitions/Filters (Some need rendering)
  • Can have more than one effect/filter on each video clip (Needs rendering though)

There are many differences between Final Cut, the program we are using for our Music Video, and iMovie, the program we created the opening two minutes to a feature film last year. The main difference between Final Cut and iMovie is that with Final Cut there is the option to have more than one shot on screen. This can also be moved around the screen allowing space for more.  Another difference is that you are allowed to view the clip selected and can edit it before placing it into the media product that is being produced.

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