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Thursday, 15 March 2012

RM - Drafting Evaluation: Question 2

2. How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?

- In real world production of three products would have been done by different companies. – 1 example that creates a product.
- Think of the themes of the three products
- Think of examples of digipaks, magazine advert and music video. which don’t contain integration – just because one product has one aspect doesn’t mean the others have to. Also provide where they do.

Themes included in our products:

- Isolation theme running throughout all three products.
- Integration: Location shots of narrative and performance in the magazine advert.
- Shots of narrative aspects located in the digipak.
- Differentiates: Photographs of original intended location (Twelve Appostles)
- Narrative aspects throughout all three of the products
- Death, Limbo, Narrative enigma, Northern touch, Rural aspect, Horror and Supernatural aspects feature in all three products. Although not all shots that are in the digipak and magazine advert appear in the music video and vice versa.
- Differentials between the time of day.
- Image manipulation
- Fake blood in music video and magazine advert but not in digipak
- Performance aspects in music video featured in the magazine advert.
- Location aspects in the music video featured in the digipak.
- Beast aspect not in all three products. However would be in the texts in real world

Music video is in the public eye (but depends on age rating) as well as digipak. Magazine Advert depends on the readership – tone up for older audience whereas tone down for younger audience.

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