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Sunday, 18 September 2011

RM - Class Video Pitch

On Friday 16th September (2011)  we were given 90 seconds to pitch an idea we had thought of for a music video which the entire class could participate in. After each member of the class had pitched their idea, the entire class voted on which one they would want to create. The class saw the following pitches.

The winning idea was to re-create The Lonely Island's "Threw It on the Ground". Click here to see the original music video.

My idea was to do Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall”. The video would consist of a performance and a concept aspect with each part being linked together. With the concept aspect being broken down further into two separate sections.

The first element of the concept would consist of someone walking around the school grounds whilst lip-syncing however this would be edited so the person wouldn’t have to lip-sync the entire song only sections as well as it fitting into the second element. The shots used would feature a medium shot looking straight at the person whilst lip-syncing as well as a variety of close-ups and extreme long shots to show the person walking around the school grounds.

The second element of the concept part would feature a classroom full of pupils being taught a subject, during this part of the music video the pupils would look bored and would lip-sync the lyrics “We Don’t Need No Education. We Don’t Need No Thought Control”. The shots used for this section would feature long shots of the class as well as close-ups of some of the pupils faces (looking bored), and point of views from the teacher whilst the pupils lip-sync.

During the outro of the music video the pupils stand up and walk out of class leaving the teacher the only person in the classroom and pass the person who has been walking around the school grounds lip-syncing. The person who has been lip-syncing walks to the door of the classroom and stops. This is where the video ends.

Here is the original music video:

Here is my pitch:

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