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Friday, 30 September 2011

RM - Marking a 2011 A2 Vid (Joy Division: Disorder)

We have recently been set the task of marking a music video produced by a 2011 media student. We got to chose whose music video we marked. I decided to choose marking Jonny Hughes, Callum Moreman and Joel Colborne's music video for Joy Division's Disorder.

Holding a shot steady, where appropriate:


Throughout the video the almost all the shots are held steady, the exception is the very first shot, the shot is shaky for the first 3 seconds. Apart from this the rest of the shots are held steady.
A good example of when the shot is held steady is between the times 1:03 to 1:10 the reason why this shot is a good example of the shot being steady is due to the shot tracking the protagonist as he turns around on the spot. Throughout this shot it remains a close-up. This type of shot is repeated throughout the video during the same section of the song.

Framing a shot, including and excluding elements as appropriate:


The framing of the shots has been well thought through. This is shown throughout the video an example of this is when the protagonist is walking down an ordinary street which the audience can see ordinary street objects which anchor the location. As well as this the shots used that feature the protagonist are normally centralised.

Using a variety of shot distances as appropriate, editing so that the meaning is apparent to the viewer and using varied shot transitions, captions and other effects selectively and appropriately:


Throughout this music video there is a wide range of shots and angles used, these shots include from
close-ups to extreme long shots.

A good example showing the wide range of shots is whilst the protagonist is in a wood. The shots included are close-ups, medium, long and extreme long. The close-ups that are featured in this section including a tracking shot which follows the protagonist as he turns on the spot, the angle used is a low angle. The other close-up included in this section is whilst the protagonist is in another location, which appears to be a cramped room. Fading in and out transitions are used to link the two different locations together. The medium shot used mainly focuses on the protagonist smoking or falling down. To add to this during one shot, the shot is reduced with a black box around it and the image scrolls up signifying that it could be from an old film reel this is future anchored due to the colouring of the video being black and white. The is maintained throughout the video with the exception of a close-up of the cigarette when being smoked at the beginning which appears to have red glowing ash as the protagonist is smoking it. Long shots are used to show the audience the route the protagonist is taking whilst walking through the wood.

Shooting material appropriate to the task set:


The footage filmed is appropriate to the task set although it could be argued that the cigarette could be taking it a step too far. The only reason for that is that there has been recent news that media that includes smoking should be given an adult certificate. Despite this the target market would be adult which would therefore rule this argument out. The target market would be aged between 15-24 and a secondary audience of 40-60. Another reason why the material is appropriate to the criteria set is because the music fits into the music video.

Selecting mise-en-scene including colour, figure, lighting, objectives and setting:


Throughout the video each aspect has been thought of clearly and been well delivered.

During the entire music video all the colour has been extracted leaving black and white, with exception a shot of a close-up of a cigarette being smoked which appears to have red colouring. This also effects the lighting of the video although in some sequences the sequence where the protagonist is in a subway and where it appears the protagonist is in a small room) the audience can tell the group has this is because the lighting darkness and brightens up giving the sense of realism.

Using sound with images and editing appropriately for the task:


The sound that is attached to the footage has been appropriately edited out with exception to the beginning and last shots which contains wind. Although during these sections the track isn’t being played therefore this could be deliberate. As well as this the lyrics contains no explicit lyrics. The editing for this music video has been edited appropriately so it looks like it is an actual video for the band.

In conclusion I would give this coursework 37/40.

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  1. Almost! It got 40. My marksheet picked up on the need for some greater variety + over-reliance on smoking shots, but m-en-s I felt was very strong - the research was thorough + clear on this, and it fitted well.


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