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Thursday, 29 September 2011

RM - Lessons Learnt of Class Music Video

Whilst filming the footage required for the practice music video we came across several problems.

One example of this is that for some of the sequences we didn’t film enough footage so we were limited in these areas. This was mainly in the sequences that we filmed at a later date due to the sort time period left to import the footage onto the Macs each pair was using.

As well as this at the start of the week we didn’t take every opportunity we had to film. This was most noticeable when everyone had two hours free, this was because we were deciding what we would be doing during Recreation and Leisure, during this time we didn’t film and it wasn’t to the next day we actually started to. To help each class member know what we were doing for the remaining days a  Facebook group was created, this allowing to communicate whilst at home.

Another factor that was added into this was for some sections we managed to film the behind the scenes footage but not the footage required. This meant we had to quickly re-film the section that was missing at the last minute. This also meant that the cast members involved didn’t have their costumes used in the original case. This wasn’t really a problem with the exception of the protagonist whom as a class thought it would be better if he had the same costume throughout the music video.

As this happened in the class music video we will be able to apply these lessons into our coursework.

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