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Sunday, 25 September 2011

RM - "Threw It on the Ground" Class Video – Editing

After the class had collected all the footage required to produce a music video for The Lonely Island’s “Threw It on the Ground” we were separated into pairs. I am working with Conor O’Loughlin.

The first task (after filming) was to import the film footage from the several SD Cards we had used to the program Final Cut Express via IMovie 11. This is the same program we will be using for our coursework (which we will be pitching in the middle of this upcoming week).

On Friday Conor and I managed to nearly complete our edited version of the video, all that needs to be done is make the sure lip-syncing matches the audio as well as edit a few shots (that have already been filmed) into the music video, as we didn’t have time to complete it on Friday.

This task allows us to learn from mistakes from either of the filming and editing process, which we will be starting this week.

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