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Sunday, 11 September 2011

RM - Common Conventions In Music Videos

In the music videos I deconstructed over the summer holiday I managed to find a wide range of common conventions used despite the range of genres. 

An example of dancing occuring
in a music video
Music Video:
Paramore's Ignorance

The artist is performing at some stage of the music video.
- In performance aspects the majority of the focus is on the vocalist.
- The vocalist(s) lip-sync- The song's tempo normally dictates the length of the takes.
- The lyrics of the song can dictate what appears in the music video. However this can also be dictated by the artist if he/she/the band what to prove a point. - Goodwin's Theory: Performance, Concept and Narrative are included in music videos
- The use of lighting - glossy to attract and state a good image whereas for dull lighting it gives the opposite reading.- Mulitple locations used as part of Goodwin's theory- Diegetic intro, break and outros
- Wide variation in shots and angles
- Special Effects are used
- Male and female gazes are included
- Dancing normally occurs

An example of special effects
used in a music video.
Music Video:
Green Day's Boulevard Of
Broken Dreams
An example of the lead vocalist
being the center of attention
Music Video:
The Clash's Rock The Casbah

An example of a diegetic
introduction to a music video.
Music Video:
Bon Jovi's It's My Life

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