Welcome to my A2 Media Studies Blog. The brief is: to produce a music video, a digipak cover, and magazine advert for the digipak. Throughout the course we will be learning about conventions (general and genre specific) used for each of these products.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

RM - "Threw It On The Ground" Music Video

For this task each member of the class was given 90 seconds to pitch their idea. After everyone had pitched their idea the class voted on which idea they would like to re-create, the winning pitch was Conor O’Loughlin's "Threw It On The Ground". As a class we were given a week to film all the footage required and  edit it. When we were separated into pairs I was paired with Conor.

Here is Conor's and my edited version of "Threw It On The Ground".

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  1. Make sure you reflect on what went right/wrong with R+P/shoot/edit, and what lessons learnt. What learning of Final Cut, etc


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